Growth Hacking: Marketing Strategies for Developing a Startup Business

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Growth hacking is a marketing technique used by startup companies in the field of technology based on analytical thinking skills, creativity based and social metrics. This marketing technique aims to get publications and sell products. So, in the development of a startup business, this term is very much needed.

Growth Hacking Strategy

Growth Hacking: Marketing Strategies for Developing a Startup Business In general, the word strategy refers to a long-term approach to the growth of a business and doesn’t change often. While tactics are a short-term implementation of the strategy, and can change according to new information or priorities. Growth hacking strategies are usually divided into 3 types, namely:

Promote business using content, or content marketing.
Promote the product in the product or product marketing.
Paying for promotional or advertising activities.
After determining your strategy, here are some tactics you can use:

Make sure your product or service is sought and needed in the market and has high quality. Begin to do surveys when you have ideas about new products. Distribute the survey before you start producing it.
Make use of email marketing. The first thing to do is to gather subscribers by installing an opt-in on your website when someone is leaving the website. Exit-intent will help detect when someone will leave your website and a pop-up will appear before they leave the website. That way, user attention is more easily obtained. And will increase the likelihood of someone to enter their email to your email list.
Offering discounts for social shares. With social networks, you can spread the word about your product or service. In addition, you can also get new leads and sales through word-of-mouth and social shares.
Doing video marketing. Through storytelling videos, you can increase the credibility of your brand and increase conversion rates. Visual content will attract more attention and views on social media, which can be in the form of infographics, charts, memes, and videos.
Hold competitions to increase brand awareness about your business out there. By holding a competition, you not only get new customers, but you will also get greater exposure.

Become a Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking: Marketing Strategies for Developing a Business StartupGrowth hacker is a designation commonly used formally by various companies abroad, especially in Silicon Valley. The term growth hacker, which if translated in Indonesian is a growth hacker, is generally used in the digital industry or startup companies. Ideally, being a growth hacker is typical like this:

Having sufficient technical knowledge in conveying ideas to programmers.
Comfortable working with data.
Have good intuition on internet marketing.
Understand how small optimization impacts the whole process.
Understand the core value of a product to consumers.
The perpetrators of growth hacking or commonly called growth hackers are people who are experts in using SEO techniques, content marketing, site analysis and testing. In the world of internet marketing, a growth hackers are really needed. Without them, startup websites will not be known by many people. Growth hackers will find what is the best and most effective strategy for marketing a startup business, without having to spend a lot of budget. For example by way of marketing through print media, television, Youtube and others. Or it could be through social media that already has a lot of followers.

Famous Growth Hacking
Growth Hacking: Marketing Strategies for Developing a Startup Business There are several well-known growth hacking case studies, including the following:

Hotmail, was first launched in 1996 and is experiencing slow growth despite the use of conventional advertising media such as posters, billboards and even radios. They found data that as much as 80% of users came from user recommendations (referrals), which inspired the Draper Team (one of its investors) to put the sentence “P.S.  At first the idea was not accepted because of ethical factors. But finally, the idea was implemented by removing the word “P.S. I love you “. And as a result, there is an exponential growth of up to 3,000 new users every day.


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