Take advantage of Inbound Marketing for More Effective Marketing

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Marketing that joins the digital world is the most powerful combination to bring a business to growth. The modernity and simplicity offered by the digital world paves the way for marketing efforts to come up with unlimited strategies. This is good news for the marketing department which is called the spearhead of a company’s success or failure. One that is often used is the internet. The internet is now a necessity for most people. Not just to search for information or greet with others without being limited by distance, the internet can also be used in marketing for promotion and even sales. This function is increasingly being applied. Evidenced by the many digital trading activities or e-commerce both owned by large and small businesses.

To achieve maximum results in marketing activities using the internet, one of the strategies that is emerging today is inbound marketing. What is meant by inbound marketing? And how about implementing inbound marketing to increase the selling value of your business? Next Journal gives an explanation for you.

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Take advantage of Inbound Marketing for More Effective Marketing The concept of inbound marketing was first put forward by Brian Halligan, CEO and co-founder of HubSpot, in 2005. Since 2006, inbound marketing has been considered as an effective marketing method in running an online business. Therefore, even though it is slow, this concept continues to grow until it really gets fame and is applied by most businesses in 2012.

Broadly speaking, inbound marketing is a marketing technique using content and interactions that are relevant and solutive to make your business discovered by consumers, in this case consumers who get closer to your products and services. By utilizing the current habits of consumers who almost every day use the internet, inbound marketing really maximizes the function of social media, electronic mail, search engines, websites, and blogs. Through these platforms, you as a business person are required to present quality content in order to attract the attention of consumers.

This is an effort so that consumers who are interested and naturally want to find your business. So they do not think that what you display will disturb the activity. Therefore, the content is not made haphazardly. You should first analyze the problems experienced and the habits that are often carried out by consumers. Next connect with the products and services you provide. This method is done so that the content that is served is not only interesting but also has a use value. Because in general, more people are now looking for solutions through social media or search engines so that inbound marketing is the right way to apply.

Consumers will put your products and services as solutions and things that benefit their problems. This type of consumer usually has a very high possibility to become a regular customer. Another advantage that can be obtained is inbound marketing also saves more costs. Some of the most widely applied inbound marketing activities include, social media marketing; blogging; search engine optimization (SEO); email marketing; set the landing page; maintaining leads and making articles, videos, infographics and so on.

The difference with Outbound Marketing

Take advantage of Inbound Marketing for More Effective Marketing If you already know the term inbound marketing, you also need to know another concept that is the opposite of outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is often also referred to as a traditional marketing method. If in the inbound marketing consumers who come to you, then this method makes you who reach consumers. The main purpose of outbound marketing is to find a number of people who are prospective customers through ongoing advertising, promotion, telephone, direct mail or other traditional methods. However, instead of getting a lot of regular customers, sometimes marketing through this method is just annoying and too pushy. In addition, because it is done in the media in general, business owners do not pay attention to the targeted consumer persona so that it is not well targeted. Because of this also outbound marketing requires costs that tend to be greater.

Inbound Marketing Method
Take advantage of Inbound Marketing for More Effective Marketing To attract and reach the target consumers with inbound marketing, there are four methods that can be used, among others.


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